The arrivals area in JNU airport is located on the first level of the main terminal. The first thing that arriving passenger is greeted with at Juneau International Airport is the additional security check. It is no doubt, a tedious process that nobody likes, but it is necessary to keep the general public safe. After the travel documents are checked, passengers are directed towards the baggage claim area, which is also located on the first level, near the ticketing counters. Usually, it doesn't take much time for airport personnel to deliver luggage to baggage claim carousels, but sometimes due to busy schedules, baggage delivery might be delayed. In this case, passengers are asked to be patient.

Lost or Stolen Items

If a police report needs to be filed for potentially stolen items or insurance purposes, the official airport website provides a link to File a Report section of the Juneau Police Department site.

If a traveler has lost their belongings on an airplane or on-premises of the airline company gate, they need to notify their airline immediately. In most cases, the airline company can locate the baggage. However, it is wise to label belongings with personal identifying information such as a full name and a phone number if the bag or an item was left behind. At the same time, at the security checkpoint, TSA must be contacted. For lost items at any other place of the airport, the official website provides the Lost & Found report page of the Juneau Police Department site.



Arrivals and Baggage Claim Procedures at JNU airport.

Airport Services

On-site Assistancesand Airport Servicesprovided by Juneau International Airport.