The first thing that departing passengers in Juneau International Airport will need to do is find the ticketing desk of their airline company. The ticketing area is located on the first level of the main terminal, adjacent to the baggage claim area. After checking-in the baggage, passengers are directed towards the second level of the main terminal, where they will go through the TSA security screening process.


TSA officers are stationed near the checkpoint X-ray machines at the security checkpoint to guide travelers through the screening procedures and advise on how to organize the carry-on belongings for faster and easier X-ray screening. Departing travelers are encouraged to pack their carry-on baggage neatly.

TSA at Juneau International Airport introduced safer security screening systems for baggage. This new procedure requires passengers to put all electronic devices that are bigger than a smartphone in cases for X-ray checks. This action helps TSA gain a sharper X-ray picture of devices. This method is also enforced in most other major airports of the USA. In January 2012, A new body scanner was placed at the security screening area on the second level of the main terminal building. The body scanner utilizes second-generation AIT devices and operates on Millimetre Wave technology, which accurately sketches the outline of the body.



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