Duty free

Although Juneau International Airport is a small airport with limited Duty-Free shops and dining options, visitors can still find conveniences both before and after the security checkpoint.

Tailwind Concession

Tailwind Concession has a broad selection of hot and cold beverages, alcohol, and food in the pre-security area. All airport guests and workers can appreciate the "grab and go" service.

The Café opens at 7 am and closes at 7:30 pm on workdays

The Bar opens at 8 am and closes at 7:30 pm

Tailwind Concession has another spot open in the post-security area and serves food, beverage, and alcohol. Travelers can purchase several pizza options, drip, and specialty coffee choices, numerous cold drinks, along with toasted sandwiches. Passengers have the opportunity to take purchased food items on their flight. It opens at 4 am and works till 8 pm.

Hummingbird Hollow Gift Shop

Hummingbird Hollow Gift Shop is a local city-owned business of Tom Gallagher and Kristi Elliott. The gift shop offers a broad range of souvenirs, gifts, and travel items. It is located in the pre-security area, near to the main terminal entrance. It opens at 4 am and works till 7:30 pm every day.



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