It is prohibited to leave the vehicle untended on the front curb of the JNU airport terminal. The penalty for doing so is currently $100. Only active loading and unloading are allowed on the front curb.

The airport gives both paid and free parking and waiting options.

A Cell Phone Lot

A Cell Phone Lot is a free waiting zone found near Alaska Industrial Hardware. Cell Phone Lot is an ideal option for these visitors waiting for arriving passengers. The driver is required to stay with the vehicle at all times, or it might be subjected to towing.

Short Term

Short Term parking is the nearest lot to the airport terminal building, and also offers 15 minutes of free parking. Unlike a Cell Phone Lot, visitors are allowed to leave their cars. It is especially helpful to those needing to go inside the terminal to help an arriving passenger with heavy bags or to guide a passenger towards the vehicle. It costs 3$ for up to an hour.

Long Term

The Long Term Parking lot is located adjacent to the short term lot ad costs $5 for the first 2 hours and an additional $1 for every hour. $14 for a day and 75$ for a week.



About Juneau Airport Terminals and its Two Floors.